Roller Mill

Triple roller mill is a vital machine for making quality soap. The milling machine makes the mixed soap more homogeneous, free from grainy appearance and gives more transparency to soap. The machine has three rolls arranged horizontally. Each roll is rotating at different speed. This feature ensures that the soap between the rolls is rubbed rather than crushed. This increases milling efficiency. The gap between rolls can be adjusted to give required thickness of soap film. The mixed material is fed between the slower pair of rolls by feeding hopper. The soap is milled twice. The film sticking to rolls is removed by adjustable scrappers. The spilled material is collected in chute given below. Heat generated because of rubbing action is removed by circulating cooling water inside each roll. Hobbed gears run in oil bath. The rolls are made of hardened steel and chrome plated to give maximum wear resistance. The rolls are secured in self aligning spherical roller bearings. Middle shaft of the milling machine is given the drive by gear box.

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