Sigma Mixer

Sigma Mixer is used to mix soap noodles or soap chips with perfume, color and other additives. Sigma Mixer  has two shafts. The shafts have Z shaped stainless steel blades rotating in two troughs of Sigma Mixer. The blades are rotating at different speed for maximum efficiency and homogenization. Mixed materials after mixing are removed from bottom discharge mechanism or by tilting the mixture. The shaft is mounted on heavy duty bearings. The mixing machine is lined with thick sheet of stainless steel. Supporting structure is made from mild steel angles, channels and flats. The mixture is driven by gearbox. Profile of the arms of sigma mixer is such that it gives better mixing and crushing of soap noodles hence the mixing is fast and homogeneous.

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Available Sizes :-

24" X 24" - Batch size - 50 to 60 kg/batch

30" x 30" - Batch size - 100 to 120 kg/batch

36" x 36" - Batch size - 200 to 250 kg/batch

42" x 42" - Batch size - 400 to 450 kg/batch

48" x 48" - Batch size - 500 to 550 kg/batch

72" x 72" - Batch size - 1000 to 1200 kg/batch